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A Trip to the Moon … in HD– also tagged

So how can we go to the Moon in the next five years? The solution is simple, and all parties will benefit. We make a film on the Moon’s surface.

sRGYB for tetrachromates

It is well known and documented that some women, as many as 10%, are tetrachromates. Implications are simple: while most people can distinguish only three different colors and their variations, tetrachromates can distinguish four colors and their variations, enabling them to see up many more colors, theoretically even 200 time more.

Adaptive Sunglasses

Adaptive sunglasses will enable humans to get the most information out of the field of view. By dimming only the brightest objects, human eye can adapt to the lower brightness and perceive more information out of the dimmer objects. Glares, flares and other effect will be completely eliminated, and the field of view will be unnaturally even in brightness.