Seven: Planets

None understood. The virus originated on the “Seventh planet”, what we called Harron back on Earth. Or at least we thought it was a virus. The Seventh planet colonized by humans was deemed an infinite success. Deepest voyage ever has proved far and beyond the most successful endeavor of our species. But instead of answers it brought the end. The first cases were an interplanetary scientific sensation. Extremely rare, they were the first case in many decades to which the scientists had not had answers to. Every mystery about human anatomy was presumed to be solved. Every disease cured. Every wound healed. Any physical damage repaired. Limbs replaced. Eyes recreated, synthesized, produced. There were factories for body parts. Noone was sick anymore. And then this. The p53 gene. The gene with which we have cured cancer. The gene responsible for deciding if cells of our body should self destruct. In the first case the p53 have commanded her body to stop. So she stopped. Right there while walking with her daughter. But if though she suddenly knew what she had to do, what was coming. She sat down on the ground first. Then closed her eyes and stopped. But not holding her breath or anything like that. Her body stopped, not just the heart, but all the organs and even the cells. All the p53 genes vere simultaneously activated, and everything has self destructed. It seemed like all of the scientists from all the planets wanted to research what was happening. They have actually went to court for as to who will be granted to carry out the research, because they could wait to engage their minds in solving the mysteries once again. Their case was never judged. They didn’t have to wait. There was another case. And then another. And another. On different planets. On different continets. In different agglomerations. In airlocked facilities. We weren’t panicking. We were thinking logically, and calmly researching. The numbers were rising. By hundreds, then by thousands. By end of the second week it were millions. We have stopped counting after tenth billion. Everyone got quiet. It seemed that all we wanted to now is to leave as much of our history as possible. I don’t think that we have stopped researching the cause or, more precisely, the reason behind near simultaneous activation of all the p53 genes in individuals parsecs apart. We have seemingly accepted the fact that human race will be extinguished. Now, not many remain, me included, waiting, not for the inevitable, but for a new beginning.
The answers have come not from the medical science, but from evolutionary science and astronomy. We understood this world just like a dog would understand chromodynamics. The intelligence evolved far beyond us humans, way before we have been created. Yes, created, manufactured, produced, all for the purpose of survival. But not us. The Planets. We have be made by the planet itself, an organizm interconnected by magnetic flux, for the most basic purposes of them all. To reproduce. Nor ourselves, but the Planet. When collonizing planets, we have always brought parts of the planets with us, from species of other organizms to plants, from flora to fauna. And everything seems to be interconnected. Except us. We were the virus. And the Planet, Earth, the original, has used us to spread to other planets, pending doom itself from astronomical body of enormous proportions, that was detected en route to collision course several days ago. Not long now, and the body will collide with Earth. And there will be purpose for the humans no more. The last human will stop. The remaining six planetx will be cured.
But last humans do not stop. They go on. Only a handfull on each planet. This handful will see their offspring degrade intellectually, giving up intelligence for basic survival functions like food clothes and shelter. And these few will be destined to relive million years of cave discovery and bear culinary. Again. But for now, time, enough. Cruel cure from humans that was, and with the last sane movement of my wrist, I write on the side of the linear transport vehicle, the crooked name of our organizm: E A R F

-Remember Dr. Heart?
-Yeah, what about her?
– Well, she still remembers faint shots of her picking apart a dead insect when she was just 3 years old. She became one of the ten thousand of most prominent doctors throughout the planets. Highest and most elite status in the whole of medicine. In such a vast world, there hasn’t been an occurence so bizzare, so deadly and especially so rare. And so the elite of the elite found themselves actually arguing who is going to be first to analyze such an occurence.
-Did she get it?
-Unfortunately, no. But it will be broadcast virtually anyway for anyone interested, which in this case might be quite a few.
-Well, I just hope that…
*breaking news, interrupted*
“More bad news are coming in as several more cases have been confirmed on three other planets..”