Nose plugs with particle filter

Most allergies are triggered by dust, pollen or micro particles of an allergen. An allergic reaction starts once the particles come into contact with human body. When they lend on the skin they may cause itching. Once they enter respiratory system they may cause runny nose, dry eyes and many other unpleasant reactions. Those are reactions that are most unpleasant and what the proposed filter may dramatically reduce or eliminate completely.

Size of particles in question could be around 6 microns, meaning a 5 micron filter will effectively filter vast majority of unwanted particles from the air. But microfilter does not have to be that granular. Once airborne particles could attach themselves to larger airborne particles via static electric force or other physical phenomena. Therefore the most important aspect of the filter is it’s convenience to allow easy use. I propose the use of pipe-like filter pluggable into nostrils.

The most important aspects of such a filter are ease of insertion and removal, hygiene and as little reduction in airflow as possible. Filter insertion should take no longer than several seconds and filter should hold firmly in place, but not withstand a sneeze or an aggressive breathing out. It must not be possible to breath filter in. Hygiene could be achieved by making filters single use only. The final basic form could be the following:

Nose plug with particle filter

The micro filters required by design are readily available. They could be housed in small plastic tube covered with foam, or directly in foam form. Foam housing will enable easy fitting to most nostril sizes, and it’s expandability will hold filter firmly in place, but not firmly enough to withstand a sneeze or intense breathing out, a critical required aspect of filter function. At the outer ring a normal filter will be placed to capture larger particles. The inner ring will house a micro filter that will capture most of the allergens on their way to respiratory system. Of course breathing through mouth will eliminate filter effect.

This device could be sold over the counter as an addition to normal allergy treatment to alleviate symptoms, or as prevention of unwanted allergic reactions. With this device you won’t have to worry when you see a neighbor or technician moaning grass on a lawn, or be afraid to walk around trees. The positive effects are countless. And once the convenience glitches are figured out during an engineering stage this is a sure income generator.

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  1. Marsha
    30/04/2009 at 19:10 | Permalink

    These sound great! I was searching the Internet for something exactly like this to buy. Let me know when they become available.

  2. Anonymous
    03/02/2010 at 17:16 | Permalink

    realy think this can work for me and my personel ,so when does this become avalible.