Chewable Toothbrush

I hate coming up with realized ideas. That means I didn’t know something useful existed. But at least it puts the perspective on things, since I can see the business impact, usefulness, and all that.

Rolly Chewable Toothbrush

Rolly Chewable Toothbrush

Well, what I came up with was a chewable toothbrush. I’ve been sitting at work for about 40 hours straight, no sleep, no breaks, just writing documents, researching, developing, integrating… basically working. Normally 40 hour work days are not common, especially when family misses you. But that’s why it was 40 hours and not 60. I figured I’d pull a 60 out, but racing heart due to lack of sleep, sad child that would go to bed without seeing his daddy again, and advice of my colleagues put me off the idea. But maybe colleagues pushed me to go home for some other reason. Maybe it wasn’t because of their concern for my health. What if it was because of terrible smell coming from my mouth? I wish I had the coating, which I covered in the previous post, so I wouldn’t have to worry about potential cavities. But that won’t take care of the smell.

So what should I do when I don’t have my toothbrush laying around? Chewing gums, yeah maybe, but when there is that rotting piece between your teeth, chewing won’t do the trick. I just wanted to have a good solution that will be just as good as brushing teeth and would be portable. With that thought in mind, I zombied myself to the bathroom at home and started brushing. But being so tired and hungry, I was chewing the brush a bit. It was quite pleasant and actually was brushing my teeth. I figured I’ll do that for the next minute or so, until the fun dries off. And then it hit me. If chewing the brush is not bad at all, what if the brushlike device would be coated in toothpaste and locked in an airtight package? I’d buy that!

I conceived the idea, and went on to drawing and implementation details. I experimented with different brush types, and how it could be realized, so I could all write it here and post the idea. Before posting I wanted to check search engines to see if something similar didn’t cross somebody else…

It did. Not that it surprised me too much. But the idea was also patented! Ouch. It ended up on for some reason, although I sure don’t think it’s silly, but merely perceived to be so. There is just not that much practical use. Chewable toothbrushes can be bought online, but probably not at your usual local market place. They even have a bulk vending option! Cool for the airports and hotels, I think. I’d buy one. Maybe. I didn’t yet. But that doesn’t mean I won’t.

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