Rapid Hand Dryer

We all know the problems with the hand dryers and why we sometimes just prefer paper towels.

  • Paper towels are more sanitary

Why should I push a button that was pushed a million times before me by hands of varying cleanliness? And especially after I just washed my hands! There is a lot of bacteria on those buttons, but the main problem is the feeling that we have to get our hands dirty (literally) seconds after we clean them. The solution are hand dryers without a button, the automatic ones. Sure there are enough of those, but do you remember how many times you have to violently wave your hands just to make one work? They all function to a varying degree of efficiency, and only some are well responsive.

  • Paper towels are fast, and I mean FAST.

While conventional hand dryer will dry your hands after 20-30 seconds of “proper” use (the one you will have to read a manual for), or in about 40-50 seconds with just some waving around, which most of us will do anyway, the fast hand dryers will dry your hands in 10-20 seconds. But that is nowhere near 2-3 seconds required for paper towel to wipe my hands.

Conventional Hand Dryer

Again, my idea is very straight forward. Put an automatic hand dryer on top of paper towel box in the way, that when a person reaches for a paper towel, hand dryer will start doing it’s job. Most importantly, make the hand dryer blow the air at 300+ kph but only for 3 seconds. It has to dry the hands in 3 seconds. This is the most important part. Everyone will love it and no one will want to use paper towels.

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  1. Larry Haword
    14/05/2009 at 19:12 | Permalink

    Hello ,
    Am Larry Haword and would like to make an Order of Hand Dryers from you and would like to know the types and sizes you have as well as the prices and the types of payment method that you accept.Thank you and Waiting to hear from you very soon,


    Larry H.

  2. 22/07/2009 at 00:31 | Permalink

    This idea is realized in Dyson Airblade by AirEfficient. It is the hand dryer that meets all of the parameters, and then some. Not only it pushes the air at 650 kph, thus drying hands in less than 12 seconds, but also it does not use any heating elements and uses HEPA filters. Saves energy, saves time, cleans the air… Why would anyone by anything else?

    More information here: