Yearly Archives: 2011

A Trip to the Moon … in HD

So how can we go to the Moon in the next five years? The solution is simple, and all parties will benefit. We make a film on the Moon’s surface.

E-Food: The iPhone food app

Many products today are filled with chemicals that we do not really want to ingest, but most people aren’t capable of doing any complex searching. We have all the data. What we need is simplicity and convenience to easily find how harmful the product is.

Chewable Toothbrush

So what should I do when I don’t have my toothbrush laying around? Chewing gums, yeah maybe, but when there is that rotting piece between your teeth, chewing won’t do the trick. I just wanted to have a good solution that will be just as good as brushing teeth and would be portable. And then it hit me…