Yearly Archives: 2010

Forever solving dental caries (tooth decay)

This idea introduces a long-lasting modification that will be able to prevent dental caries for many years after initial treatment, allowing for more lenient dental hygiene, providing more comfort and solving toothache once and for all.

Control of alcohol abuse: a solution

If only a limited number of dedicated liquor stores existed, overseen or controlled by the government, most problematic cases could be eliminated. Of course, the number of stores would be relative to the size of the settlement, village, town or city.

sRGYB for tetrachromates

It is well known and documented that some women, as many as 10%, are tetrachromates. Implications are simple: while most people can distinguish only three different colors and their variations, tetrachromates can distinguish four colors and their variations, enabling them to see up many more colors, theoretically even 200 time more.

Teleportation as a service

Teleportation as a service enables anyone to teleport anywhere on the planet, where a teleportation office or a teleportation agent is located.

Adaptive Sunglasses

Adaptive sunglasses will enable humans to get the most information out of the field of view. By dimming only the brightest objects, human eye can adapt to the lower brightness and perceive more information out of the dimmer objects. Glares, flares and other effect will be completely eliminated, and the field of view will be unnaturally even in brightness.

Remote Driver’s Association

The service provides access to a personal driver at the cost less than the taxi. Because drivers are shared, the efficiency is very high. Using standard trends and Erlang calculations, a precise number of remote drivers can be on standby at any given time, providing high quality service and response times. Safety is guaranteed by fail safe mechanisms and in case of accidents, the responsibility is taken by remote driver just as in the case of personal driver.