Yearly Archives: 2009

Television Evolution (a.k.a. TV 2.0)

New format would reach a wider audience, which is interested very much in the programs themselves. Ratings will be significantly higher and the revenue stream would be stronger, much stronger than what is needed to cover the additional fixed cost incurred due to distribution costs.

Integrated food safety indicator

While many retailers do respect product handling rules for sensitive food products, many still do not. Overfilled warehouses and overloaded refrigeration units do not stop retailers from meeting customer demand for various products. It’s easier to cut corners here and there in food storage and transportation directives, then to build or rent a new section […]

Unreal Vacation

Normally, a person takes a vacation to relax or gain new experience….What if we want to experience something else? Something that is not possible in this reality?

Hypertext printer

Hypertext printing allows to print complete web page, including all the linked documents and organize them for practical use.

Fully autonomous vehicle

Fully autonomous vehicle concept based on fusion of existing automation projects and IP routing and switching.

Removing chewing gum from sidewalks

Current methods of chewing gum removal do not scale well enough practically or economically. This method could help cleaning the streets without much additional financial burden.