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Escam cameras engineering

Not a good job, mr. Chinese engineer. Burned after 4 minutes of work. I don’t think the camera is going to live again It’s a shame too, because otherwise the camera is well designed, well thought of. The IP66 protection is spot on. Tightly fitted metal twist-off housig has a nice rubber seal. The cable […]

Vote with your money – For or Against

Currency is your sure vote to influence the world around you. Buy a Big Mac and get more McDonalds in the area. Buy ready-to-go meal from a small size cook and support his family. Buy a share of a company, and become a shareholder, investor, provider of cashflow for the company. You can also vote against […]

Transparent reflexive spray

Dark clothing is fashionable indeed, and that makes up for some dangerous situations after dusk, especially in the winter months because of such a short daylight. Vests make everything much more safer, but vests are so… Well, who’d wear them, right? To keep looking good and stay safe, transparent spray can be used to airspray […]

A Trip to the Moon … in HD

So how can we go to the Moon in the next five years? The solution is simple, and all parties will benefit. We make a film on the Moon’s surface.

E-Food: The iPhone food app

Many products today are filled with chemicals that we do not really want to ingest, but most people aren’t capable of doing any complex searching. We have all the data. What we need is simplicity and convenience to easily find how harmful the product is.

Chewable Toothbrush

So what should I do when I don’t have my toothbrush laying around? Chewing gums, yeah maybe, but when there is that rotting piece between your teeth, chewing won’t do the trick. I just wanted to have a good solution that will be just as good as brushing teeth and would be portable. And then it hit me…

Forever solving dental caries (tooth decay)

This idea introduces a long-lasting modification that will be able to prevent dental caries for many years after initial treatment, allowing for more lenient dental hygiene, providing more comfort and solving toothache once and for all.

Control of alcohol abuse: a solution

If only a limited number of dedicated liquor stores existed, overseen or controlled by the government, most problematic cases could be eliminated. Of course, the number of stores would be relative to the size of the settlement, village, town or city.

sRGYB for tetrachromates

It is well known and documented that some women, as many as 10%, are tetrachromates. Implications are simple: while most people can distinguish only three different colors and their variations, tetrachromates can distinguish four colors and their variations, enabling them to see up many more colors, theoretically even 200 time more.

Teleportation as a service

Teleportation as a service enables anyone to teleport anywhere on the planet, where a teleportation office or a teleportation agent is located.

Adaptive Sunglasses

Adaptive sunglasses will enable humans to get the most information out of the field of view. By dimming only the brightest objects, human eye can adapt to the lower brightness and perceive more information out of the dimmer objects. Glares, flares and other effect will be completely eliminated, and the field of view will be unnaturally even in brightness.

Remote Driver’s Association

The service provides access to a personal driver at the cost less than the taxi. Because drivers are shared, the efficiency is very high. Using standard trends and Erlang calculations, a precise number of remote drivers can be on standby at any given time, providing high quality service and response times. Safety is guaranteed by fail safe mechanisms and in case of accidents, the responsibility is taken by remote driver just as in the case of personal driver.

Television Evolution (a.k.a. TV 2.0)

New format would reach a wider audience, which is interested very much in the programs themselves. Ratings will be significantly higher and the revenue stream would be stronger, much stronger than what is needed to cover the additional fixed cost incurred due to distribution costs.

Integrated food safety indicator

While many retailers do respect product handling rules for sensitive food products, many still do not. Overfilled warehouses and overloaded refrigeration units do not stop retailers from meeting customer demand for various products. It’s easier to cut corners here and there in food storage and transportation directives, then to build or rent a new section […]

Unreal Vacation

Normally, a person takes a vacation to relax or gain new experience….What if we want to experience something else? Something that is not possible in this reality?

Hypertext printer

Hypertext printing allows to print complete web page, including all the linked documents and organize them for practical use.

Fully autonomous vehicle

Fully autonomous vehicle concept based on fusion of existing automation projects and IP routing and switching.

Removing chewing gum from sidewalks

Current methods of chewing gum removal do not scale well enough practically or economically. This method could help cleaning the streets without much additional financial burden.

Correlate, consolidate, associate

We don’t see intelligence of individual insect because we cannot relate to it. It’s an ant – it does ant things, not human. But we do see intelligence of the swarm, because be it swarm of ants, bees or even humans, interrelations and similarities on closer look become apparent.

Polynomial curve fitting in weapon systems

Fundamental principal of an armed guided system is to follow moving. There are many flavors of such weapons, some long range some short. For example AIM-120 AMRAAM is an Air to Air long range missile that uses two stage guidance. INS ( Inertial Navigation System) is used for the first stage, where external radar provides […]

One-man reality show

We all know reality shows and what they are all about. Some might say it’s lack of creative script on writer’s part that such programs exist at all. While that might be true, i doesn’t mean they all have to be plain and unintelligent. This idea is for reality show exactly like that. With modern […]

Eliminating tax evasion

IRS and equivalent financial institutions in all countries are working hard to detect and prevent tax evasion and other financial misdeeds, which are mostly tax related. In United States revenue loss from tax evasion is costing state over $40 billion annually. Europe is loosing out on €250 billion every year because of that same problem. […]

IP v6 to v4 and v4 to v6 ALG

IP v6 to v4 and v4 to v6 application layer gateway

Nose plugs with particle filter

The most important aspects of such a filter are ease of insertion and removal, hygiene and as little reduction in airflow as possible.

Visual Emergency Siren Detector

a simple small visual device, that alerts the driver when emergency response siren sound is detected.

BGP Update Compression

Another aspect of BGP updates are that there is quite large number of them and sometimes it is viable to sacrifice a bit of processing time

Interdental Multibrush

…enabling to clean more interdental spaces at once

Automatic Phone Profile

…a profile could be created, so that when the person is moving fast (running) all the volumes are set at their maximum

Online Game Info Storage

A small app with great consequence, unlike STEAM.

Marking Clothing for Washing

Intelligent Clothing

Light Bulb Lifetime Counter

Light Bulb Lifetime Counter