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Escam cameras engineering

Not a good job, mr. Chinese engineer. Burned after 4 minutes of work. I don’t think the camera is going to live again It’s a shame too, because otherwise the camera is well designed, well thought of. The IP66 protection is spot on. Tightly fitted metal twist-off housig has a nice rubber seal. The cable […]

Vote with your money – For or Against

Currency is your sure vote to influence the world around you. Buy a Big Mac and get more McDonalds in the area. Buy ready-to-go meal from a small size cook and support his family. Buy a share of a company, and become a shareholder, investor, provider of cashflow for the company. You can also vote against […]

Transparent reflexive spray

Dark clothing is fashionable indeed, and that makes up for some dangerous situations after dusk, especially in the winter months because of such a short daylight. Vests make everything much more safer, but vests are so… Well, who’d wear them, right? To keep looking good and stay safe, transparent spray can be used to airspray […]