Escam cameras engineering

Not a good job, mr. Chinese engineer. Burned after 4 minutes of work.

I don’t think the camera is going to live again :(



It’s a shame too, because otherwise the camera is well designed, well thought of.

The IP66 protection is spot on. Tightly fitted metal twist-off housig has a nice rubber seal. The cable is fitted as tightly as Possible without cutting the cable. And there is a silicon bag for the long run.

The IR LED array with light sensor is not only nicely soldered and fitted, but also contains soft light seals to shield the camera lens from the infrared light.

The camera itself also looks very nice, however due to the burnout I hadn’t had a chance to see the actual picture quality.
I think this failure was due the poor QA and testing. The place where VCC cables to IR sensors have burned is I think a secondary effect to a much larger issue with the electronics. Not sure if it was CCD chip or some web server-related chip. I didn’t look for and integrated controller or what actually runs this thing, but the only heat-sinked chip didn’t burn.
Some more detailed pictures of the burn:





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Vote with your money – For or Against

Currency is your sure vote to influence the world around you. Buy a Big Mac and get more McDonalds in the area. Buy ready-to-go meal from a small size cook and support his family. Buy a share of a company, and become a shareholder, investor, provider of cashflow for the company. You can also vote against the company buy supporting their competition, or betting against the company on the market.

However, there are additional ways as well.

For example if you want to vote against big oil, yet profit from expected gains in their market share, you can buy the minimum amount of company stock on the market, which will oblige the company to report their financial results in full writing every quarter. This is a legal requirement, and there are obliged to provide you this information. If we take an example stock price of $20, and resources required to print legally binding financial statement amounting to $1 per copy, damages amount to $4 per year, or 20% of the original stock price. Rallying massive 1-stock purchasing waves via crowdsourcing can be a sure way to a popular vote, or class-action against a company for braking the law.

Morale can flex either way.

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Transparent reflexive spray

Dark clothing is fashionable indeed, and that makes up for some dangerous situations after dusk, especially in the winter months because of such a short daylight. Vests make everything much more safer, but vests are so… Well, who’d wear them, right? To keep looking good and stay safe, transparent spray can be used to airspray cool logos or messages that are invisible during the day, but reflect light at night. Custom orders can be filled in at any store supporting clothing modifications, or even in drycleaning through an easy template spraying techniques that can be taught to employees. More revenue for the dry cleaning, custom image for the client, safer world. Win Win Win!

reflexive transparent paint

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A Trip to the Moon … in HD

Philip J. Fry once said in response to attempts to get him off the TV and bring him onto a summer beach trip:

Leela: Fry, you’re wasting your life sitting in front of that TV. You need to get out and see the real world.

Fry: But this is HDTV. It’s got better resolution than the real world!

That notion says a lot about human nature, and more importantly, brings hope for all of us. A win/win situation for all, the science, the technology, and the people. We can go back to the Moon and make it profitable. It can be a business of today, not of the future. The trick lies in approach. Current approach of the Space Adventures company is that Moon is the next destination for tourists. It’s not. At least not yet, and the probability of two “insane” billionaires that would pay $100 million needed for the first trip is minuscule. So how can we go to the Moon in the next five years? The solution is simple, and all parties will benefit. We make a film on the Moon’s surface.

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E-Food: The iPhone food app

Many products today are filled with chemicals that we do not really want to ingest. The names of the chemicals do not really tell us much, since we aren’t much chemists. Sodium Chloride might sound horrible, but that’s acutally salt. Similarly, polyglycerol polyricinoleate sounds more like something Captain Kirk would say, if the script wirters would be able to pronounce such words. But again, this chemical is harmless, made out of soy beans, and usually used to reduce viscosity of the chocolate.

To battle this chemical illiteracy that most of us suffer from, European Union came up with the E numbers. These chemicals have been assessed for use within European Union by the European Food Safety Authority. Most of food additives have the E number code. That means that anyone may read the product label, get the E number codes and look them up in the database. Of course, no one says what or where the database is. And most people aren’t capable of doing any searching of this calibre at all. We have all the data. What we need is simplicity and convenience.

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